Journal Purpose

I’ve had a medium sized blank journal for a while now, and I could never bring myself to actually write anything in it ~ that is…until this evening.  I had a sort of epiphany that solved a couple of “problems” I’ve been having with spiritual sayings and what not…You know the ones you find on pretty pictures on Facebook or other lovely sites around the net?  See, I save them in several different files on the computer, but they are kind of spread out, and it’s difficult to go back and find them, or even remember where they are…

So this evening I thought, I should write those sayings in my little lonely journal and use it as sort of a Pagan/Witch Prayer Book…(which, by the way is the other “problem” I have had…I wanted a book that had spiritual things that mean something to me, inspire me, or remind me of my reasons for my choice of Spiritual Path…Ta-Da!  Problem(s) solved!)  I can keep the journal with me in my purse, and refer to it whenever I feel the need.  And it is handy enough to pull out and jot down inspirations as I see them.  I am really excited about my new Spiritual tool…and I’m really happy to be sharing the idea.


~Blessed Be


Everyday Witch

Yesterday, I went to our public library, and one of the books I checked out was “The Goddess is in the Details” by Deborah Blake.  I was reading (perusing) the book today as my family was at the golf range (too cold for me!), and I really liked how the book shows you how to include your path in your everyday life.  From cooking meals for your family, to cleaning, to mini rituals thanking the God/Goddess for everyday blessings…It made me think about how I can include my “Witchiness” in everything I do.  That is not to say that I cannot live my life…I can, but if I am conscious of my everyday doings and mundane chores, if  I honor the God and Goddess within those things, I can live a Witchy life, and isn’t that my goal?  To incorporate my beliefs into my daily living?  Don’t get me wrong…I don’t have to do elaborate rituals for every little thing…Oh My Gosh!! Who has time for that?  But, it is possible to keep my God and Goddess in my heart as I go about my day….weather I am doing something like laundry for my children (Goddess protect them in their lives) or working at my job as a daycare worker for toddlers (God/Goddess give me strength to serve my children for the highest good…help me to have patience and love so that I may be a positive influence in their little lives), to my relationship with my husband (thank you for bringing him into my life and be with us as we continue to grow and love in our relationship).  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING can be connected with the Divine, and therefore enhance your lives.  This is where I want to go with my Spirituality.  This is where I want to be in my Path.  Can you imagine?  Inviting the Divine into your humble life, and walking with Her guidance every single day?  This is a concept that I couldn’t even imagine in my former spiritual training, but I know….I KNOW that I am a part of the Divine, and the Divine is part of me.  If I invite her into my life, welcome her into my life, I will have a solid foundation on which to build my Spirituality.

As a result of perusing this book, (yes, I do plan on actually reading it in it’s entirety) I have a direction to go, a goal that is easy to follow, easy to plan, easy to incorporate into my daily, monthly, yearly practice as a witch.  This is what has been calling to me.  Serendipitous?  Yes, I think so.  It cannot be ignored.

Feeling the Connection

How do I feel connected to my Spiritual self?  So far, I have several different things that I do to stay connected to the Divine…I meditate~even if it is just sitting quietly for a few minutes.  I look at the moon…isn’t it amazing how looking at the moon, and all of the stars can bring you closer to infinite love?  It can also reaffirm our connection to the universe…Our part is small, but important in the grand scheme of the fabric of time.  I also use my Goddess Oracle cards…they help me to focus on different aspects of my daily life…I haven’t studied Tarot as of yet, but I have friends who are amazingly proficient at reading the cards, and periodically they will offer readings which I take advantage of.  I also “refresh” my altar.  Changing it to reflect the seasons or Sabats is helpful to connect with my spirituality.  I have made several different altar cloths, some of which are Sabat specific, some can be used for different seasons, but the homemade aspect of them make them special and Divine connected for me.

Do you ever go outside and feel what the Universe wants to tell you?  Maybe feel a connection with certain constellations?  Dance in the moonlight?  Let yourself just go, and elemental energy flows through your limbs, compelling you to open up and receive their energy flow?  How about sitting outside while it’s raining or snowing, or soaking up sunshine?  All of these things can connect you to Divine and fill your being with awe, making your heart and soul smile with contentment.  It is truly an awesome feeling. Join with me and share the magick of the atmosphere around you.

Come with me…

As I learn and grow through my spiritual path.  Learning new things (or old things, actually), setting my soul free and feeling the connection to Mother Nature, Elemental magick, and the ages old knowledge of our ancestors.